Pastor’s Corner

The Order of The Things of God In-Christ:

  1. Truth: Reality, Reason, Religion (of God)
  2. God: The Greatest Possible Being
  3. Love: Infinitely Good Character of God
  4. Law: Love Rules, Relationship & Rewards
  5. Sin: Violating God’s 10 Comm. Law
  6. Grace: Ransom & Redemption
  7. Faith: Belief & Trust-God’s Love & Grace

Grace isn’t Freedom from Moral Law Principles but Moral Law’s Death Penalty, which falls on the Ransom (Christ), so I can be In-Christ]. 


To be In-Christ is to be in what’s In-Christ

1-The Resurrection is In-Christ, made necessary by the Cross and now I have power over sin by indwelling Holy Spirit power. 

2-The Cross is In-Christ, made necessary by Sin, where as Christ died for Sin, I must die to Sin, & cease to crucify Christ afresh by Sin

3-The Law is In-Christ, made necessary by God’s Will, wherein Christ lived righteously, the Law’s Principles of Love for God & Man, so I live righteously, by his indwelling Spirit. 


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